Monday, September 28, 2015

Legislative Update - Temporarily no more eviction workouts with tenants. Switching to 2016 legislative season soon.

Howdee everyone,
LSRs, the beginning process for a new bill, have started to come out for the 2016 season.  As we have done for the past few years we will keep you in touch with what is “coming down the pike”.
One huge change that has happened in the past few months relates to a NH Supreme court case this year.
The extremely short version of the case analysis is that any eviction work out agreement between landlord and tenant that involves future rent will be denied.
It has often been the case that during an eviction hearing at court a landlord would offer an agreement where the tenant would pay weekly rent plus an extra amount to get caught up.  If the tenant did not make the weekly payment the landlord would ask for and receive a writ of possession with out starting the eviction all over again.
That type of arrangement would involve rents future to the court date and now will not be allowed.
Both the landlord side and tenant side of this feel the supreme court decision to be a tragedy and hurts both sides.
Interestly, we are in communication with NHLA to cowrite a bill that will fix the situation.  It will be one of our major bills this next legislative season.
For now, it is advised to NOT make any eviction work out agreements at court.
The supreme court case analysis is located at 
Love & Light,
Nick Norman
Director of Legislative Affairs

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Upcoming Workshop and Conference

Landlord News

Upcoming Events of Interest to Landlords

Roundtable discussion with Expert Attorney Jennifer Holmes-Griffin on how to protect your home and assets.

Tuesday, September 15th. 7:00-8:30 pm

Basic Estate Planning: After reviewing a client's goals, we work with that client to develop a plan that fits the particular situation. A simple plan might involve wills, financial and health care, powers of attorney, and living wills. Many of our plans also involve revocable trusts, which for many people are a great way to combine their estate planning goals with the avoidance of probate.
Drafting Complex Trusts: Some clients' situations require more complex trust arrangements, such as trusts to facilitate charitable giving (charitable remainder trusts or charitable lead trusts), trusts to hold life insurance policies (irrevocable life insurance), or other irrevocable trusts to achieve a number of different goals from estate tax reduction to long-term care issues.
Trust Funding: No matter what type of trust we prepare for a client, we do not consider our work complete unless we have helped the client through the process of transferring assets to the new trust or trusts that we have created.
Tax Planning: Our estate planning frequently encompasses the issues surrounding estate taxes. In many cases, proper trust planning can eliminate or at least substantially reduce the likelihood of paying estate taxes.
Business Planning: As part of their estate planning, many of our clients use our services to help them plan for the succession of their businesses. We are able to offer services such as the preparation of LLC operating agreements or business buy-sell agreements, among others.
Marital Planning and other Special Family Situations: We have extensive experience in helping families with particular situations, such as providing for the children of a first marriage and a second spouse in a harmonious fashion. When the need arises, we are also able to prepare prenuptial agreements that are tailored to the client's wishes.
Gifting Strategies: Whether for reasons of estate tax reduction or in conjunction with long term care planning, we offer our clients advice on appropriate lifetime gifting, including the appropriate assets to gift and the mechanism by which to make those gifts.
To RSVP please Click here to register.
For more information please call 603-641-2527

All attendees will get a Social Security Benefits  Pocket Guide.


New England Lead Conference 

November 5, 2015
Sheraton Harborside Hotel & Conferenc e Center
Portsmouth, NH
Hosted by the New England Lead Coordinating Committee
Join us for:
  • Educational sessions on a variety of lead prevention topics, including policy, model programs, outreach efforts, RRP, abatement, compliance, and the economics of lead poisoning
  • Opportunities to network with colleagues from all over New England
  • Exhibitors and vendors

For questions, please contact 603-573-3306 or