Sunday, March 7, 2010

How to Avoid A Lead Abatement Order

Nick Norman, Manager
Landlord Resources Network 603-432-5549
Member of RPOA, Rental Property Owners Association
Past NH Lead Commission member.
(on the landlord's side)

Since early 2007, I have been extremely active in the lead paint issue, served for a year on the NH Lead Commission and attended countless meetings with key players in the field of lead paint throughout the state. During this time I have met with many landlords, scientists, experts and legislators in this field & have narrowed down what is the only truly financially viable solution to the lead paint issue.

From of this experience, I have pooled resources and knowledge into the creation of a workshop specifically designed for property owners, property managers and maintenance personnel called
"How To Avoid a Lead Abatement Order".

So far, it has been attended by 142 property owners, property managers and maintenance personnel representing 2210 units. These units are now well on their way to drastically reducing their risk of getting a lead abatement order while at the same time keeping children safe.

In this course you will learn:
Quick Highlight of the drastic Lead law changes 1/1/08 & changes in 2009.
The 3 step approach to solving the lead issue.
The precise formula to get an Order for Lead Hazard Reduction (So you can avoid these precise Lead Order triggering items).
The tenant turn over checklist to keep the apartment lead safe.
How to perform lead safe maintenance and renovations and to eliminate potential lead hazards on your own budget on your own schedule.
How to very inexpensively do your own lead testing so you can know where to focus and that you have "Cleaned" the apartment to lead safe standards.

Now, in a continuing effort to provide resources for Landlords, Property Managers and Maintenance Personnel, we are offering the EPA/HUD certified & accredited RRP (Renovation, Repair and Paint) course in cooperation with EPA/HUD certified & accredited trainers. These courses are often $200 to $300 per person in New England area. We are able to offer discounts bringing the course cost down to $150 to $200.

We are very dedicated to helping the landlords of NH both small and large. Our next set of RRP and "How to Avoid a Lead Abatement Order" workshops are planned to be offered back to back on a Friday Saturday combination in May. Stay tuned for dates and location. We hope to see you there.

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