Friday, March 25, 2011

FYI possible new Healthy Home initiative to watch out for.

Grants Available for Grassroots Advocacy Organizations
This is a potentially serious problem coming our way.

With the support of The Kresge Foundation, the National Center for Healthy
Housing (NCHH) will expand and "scale up" its efforts to eradicate
unhealthy living conditions through a new initiative called the Grassroots
Advocacy Network for Healthy Housing. The Grassroots Advocacy Network will
develop local solutions to the challenging problem of substandard housing
and neighborhoods. NCHH will facilitate peer communication, offer technical
assistance and capacity building support, disseminate promising practices
in organizing and housing policy, and provide opportunities for involvement
in national advocacy work.

Application Process: NCHH plans to award subgrants of up to $15,000 to
grassroots advocacy organizations to carry out activities such as the

  • Creating local demand for healthy housing through media
    outreach, policy advocacy, community meetings, and other activities;
  • Educating policymakers and the public about unhealthy
  • Holding public agencies accountable (e.g. to ensure that local
    housing maintenance codes are enforced);
  • Creating and sustaining valuable collaboration between the
    public and private sectors and within government.
  • Other methods most appropriate to the local content.

    Eligibility criteria: 501 (c)(3) organizations with annual budgets less
    than $1 million. Preference will be given to local community-based
    organizations and non-profits that are currently involved in tenant
    advocacy, health or housing policy, or environmental justice.

    Rolling Deadlines for Applications: You may fill out the application and
    submit it with the requested supplemental information by May 1, July 1, and
    October 1.

    Application: The application may be found at:

    Laura Vincent Ford, Public Health Program Manager
    NH Department of Health and Human Services
    Healthy Homes and Environments Section
    29 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03301-6504
    phone: 603-271-5733 fax: 603-271-3991

    "As long as attention focuses on the costs of lead-paint abatement and
    ignores the costs of not abating and as long as people add up the costs of
    removing paint but not the costs of medical care, compensatory education,
    and school dropouts, substantial action is unlikely." Joel Schwartz (1994)

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