Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Landlord Connection Announces new Report Options

New Prices and Report Options Effective July 1st 2011


Here's what's included in our New Tenant Decision Report:

Identity Verification including SSN & DOB
Past & Present Addresses
Landlord Reports
Names of landlords w/phone numbers (when available)
Eviction history (all 50 states)
Registered Sex Offender Search
Inmate Roster since 1997 (NH only)
Credit Evaluation which includes a Credit Score/ Risk Factor/Delinquency Rate/ Recommendation
Criminal Search – 46 states plus DC (does not include DE, MA, SD or WY)
Most Wanted
OFAC/US Treasury Dept

Cost: $27.95 for Standard Plan customers and $29.95 for Limited Plan Customers

Note: Additional charge of $30.00 applies for MA and NH County searches which may take up to 5 business days.

What is a Credit Evaluation? Landlord Connection will look at an applicant’s last 24 months for collections, court judgments, bankruptcies and late payments as well as their credit scores. We will provide you with a credit score range, the percentage of risk, reasons for their credit credit score and a recommendation (when applicable). Here is a sample:

Credit Evaluation
Credit Score: 550-600 Grade: C Risk Level: Elevated
Odds of Delinquency: 51% Reason: Collection Accounts
Recommendations: Credit worthiness has not been established. Request explanation from applicant regarding unpaid accounts.

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