Friday, October 2, 2015

2nd Annual New Hampshire Eviction Seminar

  2nd Annual New Hampshire Eviction Seminar
Attorney Fred K. Mayer III will be the featured speaker at this three-hour New Hampshire Landlord and Tenant law seminar.  Attorney Brian C. Shaughnessy will join him for a portion of the program.

​Recent ​decisions ​of ​the ​New ​Hampshire ​Supreme ​Court ​and ​new ​ statutes ​will ​be ​highlighted. ​The ​eviction ​process--from ​start ​ to ​finish--will ​be ​covered. ​ ​Also ​on ​the ​agenda ​are ​ post-eviction ​issues, ​including ​security ​deposit ​disputes ​and ​landlord ​storage ​obligations.

Cost: $149.00.  Only $129 if you register before October 8, 2015.
The seminar will be held in Manchester, NH.

Enter "LandlordConnection" for the the discount code at the start of the registration process will reduce the registration fee for the seminar by 15%.


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