Thursday, June 20, 2013

Announcing...Healthy Care NH

Announcing...Healthy Care NH

Look how you can improve and save on your health care cost.
  1. Employee family health insurance $5,000 deductible cost $1,800/mo.
  2. Higher deductible $10,000 $600/mo.
  3. Risk to employee is $10,000 but they save $1,200/mo.
  4. Add HealthyCare to help offset some of the risk. $214/mo.
            $1,800 old plan ($5,000)
            $600 New plan ($10,000)
            $1,200 saving monthly.
                -$214 for family 4 HealthyCare coverage.

                +$986 a month to the family/employer.
HealthyCare program give you your own personal Physician access to Urgent Care center with no additional cost.

To learn more about way to help reduce your cost and employee financial stress please call:
Rick Blais

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