Monday, June 17, 2013

Legislative Update - Abandonment Bill still waiting for Governor; Rooming House hearing on June 18th

This Legislative Update is provided by Nick Norman, RPOA Director of Legislative Affairs


Howdee everyone,

HB413, Abandonment.
Passed the Senate.
If you have not done so yet, please contact the governor’s office & ask her to vote in favor of the bill as amended by the Senate.
You can contact Governor's office at 271-2121
You can e-mail the governor by going to the following website:

HB472, Definition Of Tenancy In Rooming Houses
Scheduled for another hearing to resolve differences between House and Senate amendments.

For more detailed information such as property owner position, committee contact info, talking points, and more, see below.
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This week:06/18/2013 at 01:00 PM    LOB 302
HB472, Definition Of Tenancy In Rooming Houses

Level of Response: Limited Impact; You Decide
Property Owner Position: Limited Impact; You Decide

Next week:None scheduled so far

Decisions/Updated Status:See Bills Updated Status summary below.

Further below is:Bills Updated Status summary:
Full details on all bills above
(Which includes property owner position, contact info, talking points, and more)

Love & Light,
Nick Norman
RPOA Director of Legislative Affairs
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Bills Updated Status summary:We only list the committee reports on the most important bills affecting the real estate business.  If you want to get the committee report on one of the other bills contact me & I will show you how to get them on line.  Its not terribly hard to get but not straight ahead either.
HB413, Abandonment
Property Owner Position: For
General Status: PASSED
House Status: CONCURRED

HB472, Definition Of Tenancy In Rooming Houses
Property Owner Position: LimitedImpact; You Decide
General Status: In the SENATE

Full details on all bills above:HB413, Abandonment
03/19/2013 at 09:15 AM    SH 100
Title: (New Title) relative to property abandoned by tenants.

Summary: This bill clarifies conditions that can be used to determine the tenant has abandoned the property. Making abandonment of the premise a defense to an RSA 540-A action against the landlord.

Property Owner Position: For

Link to Committee Info:

Email to Committee:
Subject: HB413

Link to Bill Text:
Analysis Stated in Bill: This bill makes relinquishment or abandonment of the premises a defense for landlords in an
action under RSA 540-A.

Talking Points:
Under current law, there is no definition of abandonment. As a result, every time a tenant moves out, a landlord is always subject to a 540-A action (fining landlord) unless the tenant gives notice in writing that the tenant is fully moved out and returns possession to the landlord or the landlord goes through the eviction procedure and has the sheriff serve the writ of possession.

The first part of the bill makes it clear that if all tenants of an apartment sign a document that they relinquish possession that such action is a defense for a 540-A action.

The second part lists various factors that show a tenant has abandoned the leased premises. If a landlord can prove two of these factors, that will be a defense to a 540-A action.  These factors are subject to negotiation as we go through the legislative process.

The bill is advantageous to Landlords, Tenant and the Courts.  With a clarified standard for abandonment, Landlords will not have to spend the money or time on filing eviction actions, and the tenant will not have an unnecessary eviction on his or her record. This will also reduce the number of cases filed in the badly overburdened courts.
HB472, Definition Of Tenancy In Rooming Houses
04/30/2013 at 02:00 PM    LOB 101
Title: relative to residential units in rooming houses.

Summary: Presently RSA 540 is excluded from tenants in a rooming house where the tenant stays fewer than 90 days.

This bill changes the exclusion by adding:
“For purposes of this subparagraph, if the owner of the facility directs the occupant to move from one room to another in the same rooming or boarding house, the 90-day period for computing consecutive days of occupancy shall not be broken.”

Property Owner Position: Limited Impact; You Decide

Link to Committee Info:

Email to Committee:
To:;;;;; ;
Subject: HB472

Link to Bill Text:
Analysis Stated in Bill: This bill clarifies that the exclusion of rooming houses from the definition of tenancy cannot be extended by directing the occupant to move from one room to another within the 90-day exemption period.

Talking Points:
Note that since it is not directly addressed in the bill, it can be argued, that if the guest requests a room change, then the 90 days is broken, since, if the bill passes, the legislature had the opportunity to address this and did not.

If the guest stays 90 days or more, RSA 540 would apply, and the guest would have to be evicted, because at that point the guest now becomes a tenant. Within less than 90 days the owner should have some knowledge if the guest is a problem, and should ask the guest to leave to avoid invoking RSA 540 rights.

A limited number of our members suffer a large impact from this bill.  If it affects you be active about it.

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