Thursday, January 1, 2015

Legislative Update: New wave of Lead Paint Laws and Volunteering

This legislative Update is provided to NH Landlord News by Nick Norman, Director Legislative Affairs

Howdee Everyone,

Happy New Year.  I hope your Christmas was awesome.

See (news article below) for the bill language for the initial wave of new lead paint laws.  I have been to several meetings with the stakeholders & I can say the leader has been very supportive to hearing changes and actually making changes to support landlord concerns.

The largest change was to postpone the Essential Maintenance Program portion of this bill and rather put it to a task force that can study the issue and involve landlord input over the next year.

Action Item:

Please review the attached bill language and give me your thoughts so I can bring it to the stakeholders.

2. Legislative season is now in play.  We are reviewing legislative proposals and preparing for the onslaught of legislative hearings and bills.

Several of you have committed to join us in the volunteer effort that invokes “many hands make light work”.  We organize our job assignments to take about 15 to 30 minutes per week.  We then collect the work and put it together to make the updates and coordinated initiative that you have seen in the past 2 years.

Action Item:

Please contact me (NICK NORMAN at nicknorman
and reconfirm you will help out and pick up a job assignment.  We need your help now.

A partial list of types of jobs that would help are listed below.

Love & Light,

Nick Norman
Director of Legislative Affairs

Partial list of types of jobs that would help.

·        Computer work

·        Internet copy & paste and research

·        Taking on an important weekly but small task to stay on top of monitoring what is happening legislatively. (much needed by me)

·        Researching out a topic in general

·        Phone calls to legislative clerks to figure stuff out

·        Phone calls to legislators to way in on an issue.

·        Being part of the core team that analyzes bills and develops talking points (much heavier time commitment)

·        Calling & emailing landlords to rally them to join in on contacting legislators

·        Calling & emailing landlords to rally them to come to very important legislative hearings.

·        Testifying at legislative hearing.

·        Just coming to a few legislative hearings and signing in for or against a bill as needed.

·        Being part of the core team that develops new pro landlord legislation.

·        Keeping landlords in touch with local level legislation in your area.

·        Other tasks/items you or I have not thought of.


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