Thursday, February 2, 2017

Summary and text of the new Lead bill.

Howdee everyone,
Important Updates:
It is finally here.  To get this to you right away we are including the new lead bill info with this update before we would normally send the next update this weekend.
During our Landlord Informational sessions we will be reviewing this info and answering questions.
The bill is enormous with 33 sections covering lead in many more situations than just landlord tenant law.
The attached “170131 Summary LeadBillBeforeOLS.doc” will walk you through a summary of the bill grouped by category with references to the sections in the actual bill.
The attached “170131 LeadBillBeforeOLS.doc” is the bill that is being submitted to the Office of Legislative Services.  This is the normal process of submitting a bill.
They pour through all the new bills and correct for “dotted i’s & crossed t’s” correct terms and references to existing law etc.  Sometimes they will regroup sections.  So what comes out of OLS, while substantially the same, may look and be laid out differently.
We’ll keep you up to date as much as possible for what is often a quickly moving legislative process.
As said before:
We are planning to host several landlord only informational sessions to give an advance look at the bill language, explain the bill and prepare for legislative hearings and contacting legislators.
We plan to cover:
what the lead law is now,
what the long distance future looks like,
overview of the actual bill language (note as of 1/29/17 it is not released on the NH government website),
what is surprisingly favorable and very flexible to landlords,
what we would likely object to,
opportunity to collect your thoughts and bring them back to the lead commission,
contacting legislators & attending the legislative hearing,
opportunity for a long question answer session.
Please join us and become knowledgeable on this enormous & very important bill.
Action items this week:
RSVP for one of the Landlord Only informational sessions on the new lead bill.
or to  (I may not be at email after 5pm)
Nashua, still looking for meeting space if you know of a space we can use please contact us.
Dover, still looking for meeting space if you know of a space we can use please contact us.
Love & Light,
Nick Norman
Director of Legislative Affairs

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